Eliminate Taste-Specific Décor When Selling by Amy Bly

11 Jul


Many homes languish for months – or even a year or more — because they have out-dated colors, materials, finishes or taste-specific décor that turn off buyers.

If you want to attract the most buyers possible when selling your home and get higher offers for it, eliminate:

  • patterned wallpaper and borders
  • brightly painted or tiled walls or dark walls
  • pink, green, blue, or other colorful (but out-dated) bath fixtures or tile – these can be inexpensively glazed or even painted
  • wall to wall carpeting in bright colors – and even then, if there are hardwood floors, the carpeting should be removed to show off the floors
  • strongly patterned vinyl flooring
  • floral curtains, ruffled curtains, and most patterned curtains, except for certain trendy looks like Moroccan-style or horizontal banded  floor-length drapes
  • knotty-pine paneling (painting it white is an easy solution to updating this 1970s look)
  • themed décor rooms (beach rooms, southwestern rooms, sports rooms, hunting-themed rooms, etc.) Themed rooms are unlikely to appeal to the majority of buyers and can make it difficult for buyers to picture their own things in the room and living in the room in general.
  • collections of any type (dolls, sports memorabilia, swords, etc.) because they are another distraction and are generally perceived as clutter.
  • religious articles/items/paintings
  • family photos, pet items (dishes, litter boxes, food bags), sports pennants, children’s names spelled out on walls, statuary, etc.

Since it’s hard to have an objective eye when it comes to your own home, using a stager for a consultation on how to present your home  to market it effectively can make a big difference in how quickly your home sells. Staging is a critical part of any home’s marketing plan, just like grooming yourself and dressing up in a conservative suit or dress is a part of a job interview in order to make a good first impression!

The return on investment for staging is anywhere from 200% to 600% over the last several years, according to HomeGain’s annual surveys on top improvements that sell homes. Also keep in mind that buyers tend to over-estimate the cost of even simple fixes like painting, many don’t know where to turn to to get those improvements done, or don’t have the time to make those repairs and updates. They just know they want to live in move-in ready homes and often don’t have the vision required to “see” a home differently than it looks now. Sellers who take a little extra time to eliminate personal décor and fix and update their homes for the market will almost always sell faster and for more money!

I offer free home staging consultations with Great Impressions to sellers who list their homes with me – a $200 value.



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